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Your quick but complete guide to buying the right dog sweaters

Without a doubt, the dog sweaters BitchNewYork has to offer are cute accessories for your furry friends.

However, these sweaters are more than just accessories for your fur baby; they will need a set of garments during the cold winter months. That is why you should have one or a few of them in your dog closet.

A dog in sweater will surely get the attention of everybody around. On the other hand, with the plethora of options out on the market today, finding the best sweater for your dog can be quite challenging.

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To make your dog-sweater shopping easy, here are steps that you should follow:

1. Take measurements to determine the right size.

Measure your dog’s torso length (TL), neck circumference (NC), and chest circumference (CC). Then, check online measurement charts to know what sweater size corresponds to your dog’s body measurements.

Typically, the sizes are: Small – for dogs with 30 cm TL, 30 cm NC, and 41 cm CC; Medium – for dogs with 41 cm TL, 36 cm NC, and 51 cm CC; and Large – for dogs with 51 cm TL, 46 cm NC, and 61 cm CC.

Remember that sizes between brands may vary. However, the charts will give you a good idea of the right size for your dog.

2. Know the basic aspects dog sweaters have.

There are basic aspects to consider when shopping for a dog sweater. When buying dog sweaters BitchNewYork sells, for example, you should see to it that they will not get in the way when your dog has to poop.

Also, a sweater should provide easy access to the collar or harness. Of course, it should not be difficult to put on your dog.

3. Choose the right design.

The colour and pattern that you choose should suit your dog and your sense of style. You can try something bright and lively. This way, you will enjoy looking at your dog wearing a sweater.

Also, the design should not make your dog uncomfortable in any way. It should not hinder their movements as they go around for the day.

4. Choose the right material.

While pet sweaters should look cute, they should also be made of a material that will benefit your dog the most. If your dog is a breed that needs more warmth, then you can opt for a sweater with a fleece lining. If you want something that your dog can wear in the rain, then you can select a waterproof coat.

5. Opt for those that are easy to clean.

Things can get messy very quickly when it comes to pets, so it is important to consider the cleaning options for the sweater that you choose. If you can easily wash it, then it will be more convenient for you.

Buy dog sweaters BitchNewYork has to offer

By following the steps presented above, you will find a sweater with the right size, design, style, and material that your dog can wear to be warm and comfortable during the coldest of weather.

Just make sure to purchase from a store that only sells quality products so you will be getting the best sweaters for your beloved puppy.

On that note, you can check out Bitch New York. They are an online dog boutique that showcases quality but cheap dog sweaters created by the leading dog designers worldwide.

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