Friday, October 23

Ways to Keeping the Workplace Safe and Healthy for Your People

Being the boss of a company, whether big or small, is not that easy. One of your duties is to provide a safe and healthy workplace for your people. Keeping your offices free from any forms of danger can help you improve your working environment as well as the overall productivity. You need to have a plan that focuses on preventing any hazards at work. First off, pre employment medical assessments must be required for those who are planning to work for you. This way, you’ll know if they are fit for the job or not.

Try to assess the safety and health system in your workplace. Some things are functioning well, and others may need thorough maintenance. Whether it is a small business, a corporate office, or a government agency, these steps will help you achieve a safe and healthy workplace. Aside from that, here are several other helpful ways:

First, design your workplace according to the physical, mental, and emotional requirements of the work. For example, you can add onsite medical services to your company. This way, pre employment medical assessments can be performed nearby. Applicants don’t need to go far just to have a check-up. You can either shoulder the cost or let the applicants pay for the medical assessment required for them.

Second, use equipment, materials, and tools that are new and hazard-free. If you have old ones that are still usable, perform a hazardous substance health surveillance to ensure that the articles you own are still safe to use by your workers. Invest in pieces of equipment that are not the only state of the art, but sturdy and reliable as well.

Third, always check regularly for any broken or damaged equipment and replace damaged ones immediately. You need to make sure that there is proper maintenance being done on a regular basis. Unseen broken tools or materials can become a hazard to all the occupants in your workplace. And in some cases, injuries may happen unexpectedly. For this reason, a workplace injury treatment facility is imperative. Having one allows you to give first-aid treatment to employees who will incur injuries. Of course, it is still advisable to take them to a nearby hospital for further treatment.

Fourth, make sure the signs are everywhere. People need to be informed and educated as to what areas they need to avoid. As a boss, it is your duty to include health and safety a part of their daily routine. Make sure that safety and security are ingrained in their minds. Medical processes should be put in place. Aside from pre employment medical assessments, ensure that there are annual health check-ups as well to monitor their health.

Final Thoughts

The safety and security of all employees should be a priority in any workplace. Having a safe place to work does not only give you and your employees peace of mind but also promotes better productivity.  Should you need help with workplace safety, get in touch with Resile, a leader in assisting organizations in all aspects of occupational health. For more info, visit