Friday, October 23

How environmental analyzers help create a safe and healthy working environment

There are tons of test and measuring equipment available as displayed on the website There are different products for different applications, some of which are analogue, digital, or come in both versions.

Each of these items is designed for an important function or several functions, and the best example of a super useful and versatile product is the environmental analyzers and testers.

What makes them special?

One kit will help design and maintain a safe working environment. It can provide data over a range of other less obvious variables that contribute to work-related risks, including serious ill-health.

What environment analyzers measure


Noise-induced hearing loss is a major problem in Australia and often results in permanent hearing loss. More than 10,000 workers have been affected by this problem over the past few years.

But prevention is just a matter of measuring noise and making sure it falls within the specific frequency weighing curve suitable for human hearing. If done right, it can prevent deafness, tinnitus, and other hearing-related conditions.

The law states that:

  • If the work requires effortless conversation and high concentration, noise levels should be below 50 dB(A).
  • If the work is fast-paced, routine and demands attentiveness and communication, noise levels should be kept below 70 dB(A).


It’s easy to think that the type of lighting in a work environment has little impact on the health and safety of employees. As long as the workstation is well lit, nothing could go wrong.

But glare and stroboscopic effects of lights can cause discomfort and fatigue. The same is true with flicker. It is important to measure the range of Lux through the use of a Lux or light meters to avoid such problems. See more here Rapid-Tech Equipment

Electromagnetic fields (EMF)

Several health issues, including fatigue, headache, sleep disorder, and lower immune system have been linked to exposure to high levels of electromagnetic field radiation. Where there are electrical devices there is EMF.

In many working environments, exposure to EMF is minimal. This is not the case in healthcare, telecommunications, transport, and electricity distribution industries. This is why electromagnetic pollution levels must be measured to ensure that the staff work in a place where EMF is at acceptable exposure limits. Click here Rapid-Tech Equipment

Carbon monoxide (CO)

CO poisoning can happen when combustion appliances, such as engines, boilers and generators, inefficiently burn fuel. But because it is colourless and odourless, the gas can wreak havoc without anyone noticing.

The best CO meter can detect the smallest concentrations of carbon monoxide. It can be used to ensure appliances are in good working order as well.

On the homepage of, you will see a brand Extech, a leading provider of CO and CO2 meters.

Temperature and humidity

These two conditions have a direct effect on the comfort of the employees. A work environment that is too stuffy and overly humid makes working difficult. Poor air circulation can also lead to respiration problems.

A Thermo Anemometer and a Thermohygrometer are used to measure temperature and air movements and humidity and air temperature, respectively.

With the test and measuring equipment listed above, a safe and healthy working environment can be created. If you need to buy one or all of them, check out the website