Friday, October 23

How a Desktop VU Meter Can Help with Audio Projects

Needless to say, the volume is very important for different audio projects. It can easily affect the result of any audio or video outputs, especially when mixing one or more tracks into one. Thus, if you are planning to do an audio project, you should not miss a desktop VU meter in your setup.

desktop vu meter


What is a Volume Unit (VU) Meter?

Volume Unit or VU Meter is a device or plugin that can measure the volume of sound in “volume units”. This can help you to polish the audio output of your project, depending on the volume you want or need.

VU meters have gone a long way since its inception in the early 1900’s. You can now easily buy digital VU meter that you can use for your project, or trust the VU meter plugin in your DAW. Moreover, it could still be wise to have an analog calibrated VU meter for a more convenient workflow.

Why Choose Desktop or Rack-Mounted VU Meter?

A VU meter other than the one in your DAW can help a lot in giving you a more precise measurement of your audio volume. It can act as an aid to your DAW to measure more volume range, just like the peak and loudness volume meter. Often times, the peak volume of a track is clipped to correspond its main volume. This usually happens when you stream your track, especially that you cannot be sure about the effects of the upstream codecs on it.

Thus, you need to estimate the perfect volume for your track, for you to minimize the effects of other upstream codecs on it. This rackmount VU meter could help you with, for you to have precise measurements and estimations for your tracks.

How to Buy the Best VU Meter for Your Studio

In buying a VU meter, you could have the choice between digital and analog VU meter. You can also choose between rackmount or desktop VU meter as well. Key is, you should choose one that you can use proficiently, and could help you have good control over the volume of your audio tracks. Of course, do not miss out to have one that can provide quick and precise outputs to you.How to SETUP a VU Meter.

If you have a VU meter installed in your DAW, you can easily start it up as you begin working. If you have a hardware, you need to professionally connect it to the DAW. You might need to buy XLR connectors bulk to do it successfully.

Next, make sure to calibrate your audio project for you to know the normal level of your tracks. Then, you can use the VU meter together with your other software and hardware tools to achieve your desired results.

Desktop VU meter is a complex concept and tool that can definitely help you have a good control over the audio volume of your tracks. Thus, you should have the right one that you can control properly, or consult 3D-HD Gear to help you. See more at