Friday, October 23

A Homeowner’s Guide to Choosing the Right Bathroom Sink

The most exciting part about being a homeowner is you have a say on matters like interior design. Since one of your priorities right now is to buy a sink for your bathroom, we’re here to guide you step by step in picking the perfect one for your household. That’s crucial before you browse BrandsDirectOnline bathroom basins and other essentias online.

Go ahead and start learning how to choose the best bathroom basin for your home.

Think about the ideal type of basin for your bathroom.

Before anything else, focus on the type first. Once you decide on a bathroom sink, everything falls into place. That’s because you get to include factors like mounting, plumbing, placement, and style during the selection process.

Here are the six types of bathroom basins to choose from:

1. Undermount

The installation of undermount sinks happens below countertops. However, the counter should have a solid surface.

Since this type of sink has a surface that gets deeper into the bowl in a gradual manner, it looks homey which is perfect for family homes. As a plus, you can clean it in no time.

2. Tabletop

Some sinks can be installed on vanities or tables. These rectangular sinks have solid surfaces situated on top of flat surfaces. They are best when fastened to the body of a vanity top or tabletop. Take a look at Brands Direct Online

3. Drop-In

Just like tabletop sinks, the drop-in type is also placed on vanities or tables. However, instead of the top surface, it is installed in the middle section. To be more specific, the section has a cutout where you can put the basin.

4. Corner

This type of basin is literally installed right into the corner of the bathroom. It complements modern styles. Unfortunately, your bathroom should be big enough for this sink as it uses a lot of space.

5. Pedestal

Before you start looking for plumbing supplies Victoria has to offer, you should first understand the system of the bathroom basin you want. If you’ll choose a pedestal sink, you must know that its plumbing hardware is designed to be all covered up.

6. Wall

Designed to be mounted on a wall, this basin has a robust body to handle that type of placement. It is great not just for small bathrooms but for larger minimalist-style ones as well.

If you prefer this simple design, you can find beautiful glossy-white wall-hung basins from BrandsDirectOnline bathroom supplies.

Be familiar with the pros and cons of bathroom basin materials.

What’s the use of having a beautiful basin if it won’t last long in your bathroom? That’s why the sink’s material is an important factor to consider for durability. It can also be the basis for the sink’s cost, convenience, style, and quality of finish.

Read on to find out the advantages and disadvantages of each material:

  • Stainless steel: Durable and easy to clean but expensive if it has a thicker gauge
  • Cast iron: Thick and scratch-resistant but very heavy
  • Copper: Beautiful and durable but expensive
  • Composite: Extremely tough but expensive
  • Cast polymer: Sturdy but its shiny finish won’t last long

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