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5 Tips to keep your garage doors in good shape

Garage roller doors are pretty neat. They protect our garages from intruders and the elements. That is why they were designed with durability in mind. But a lot of homeowners forget that though tough, they too need proper maintenance in order to last long. Here are 5 simple things you can do to care for your garage doors.

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Inspect your automatic garage doors regularly

Though they are designed to be resilient, roller doors can breakdown on you if not maintained. Make it a habit to check your garage door at least once a month.

Check the rollers and make sure they aren’t worn out and that they are turning unhindered. Immediately replace damaged rollers to prevent accidents in the future. Do not replace the bottom rollers yourself though. They are directly attached to the lift cables. Call a professional to fix them for you. Also, clear the roller tracks for any debris or dirt.

Inspect the lift cables and pulleys. Look for any signs of damage like frayed wires, or nicks. Do not attempt to fix it yourself as the cable is under high tension and is potentially dangerous. Call a professional technician instead.

Check door balance

Door balance is important to make the roller doors operate at optimal conditions. If it is unbalanced, the motor needs to work extra hard putting too much strain. This can significantly shorten its lifespan.

To test balance, first, disconnect the door from the opener when fully closed. Then manually raise the door halfway. It should stay in place when you let go. If the door moves, it could be unbalanced or the springs are worn. Call a technician and have them fix it for you.

Test the automatic reverse

Most Melbourne roller garage doors have auto-reverse function. This is done by either using photoelectric sensors, pressure switches, or both. To test photoelectric sensors, close the garage door. As it is coming down, use something sturdy and pass it in the door’s path. The door should then automatically reverse. If this is not the case, try cleaning the sensors with a cloth and try again.

To test the pressure sensor, use a bucket or a hard chair and place it directly under the door. The door should then automatically open back up again when it hits the object you placed. If this didn’t work get a professional to take care of it.

Fix or replace weatherproofing

Weatherstripping is a strip of rubber attached to the bottom of the garage door. This prevents water, dust, and dirt from getting into your garage. They can become brittle and damaged over time so check them at least twice a year. They are usually sold in rolls in most home improvement stores.

Other basic maintenance

Lastly, do other basic maintenance chores like cleaning and checking for problem spots. If you have a steel door, look for rust or chipping. Steel is pretty tough but these small spots can grow over time if left unchecked. Wooden doors are prone to warping and water damage. Look for any signs of warping like cracks and chips on the paint. Also, tighten any loose nuts and make sure to lubricate moving parts such rollers and the chains.

Let professionals handle your garage door needs

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